Responsible of the treatment

  • Owner: Carolina Albero 
  • Registered office: La Marina de Valencia, Muelle de la Aduana Edificio Lanzadera- 46024- Valencia (España)
  • E-mail: is responsible of the treatment of all of the collected data for the development of the activity of their business functions, which are done given the criteria and the limitations established by the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27th April 2016 related to the protection of physical individuals in respect of the treatment of personal data and the free movement of this data and by which the Directive 95/46/CE is repealed (GDPR)


Personal data given through the form in the Contact page, as well as any data given in the future, will be added to a file whose owner is Carolina Albero  and it is kept by Carolina Albero responsibility.

The purpose of this file is to manage the relationship between Carolina Albero and the website users and other customers and provide them the information that we are asked and the management of the services that we are hired by. In addition, we will keep the user in touch via email or any other means, always with the user’s consent.

The information given in the forms is not compulsory. However, if this information is not provided, Carolina Albero cannot offer their services.

It is the user’s responsibility to update the data any time it is modified by the user. Any fake data provided by the user that may cause a problem to Carolina Albero, will be the user’s responsibility.

Data Perseveration Period

The Data Perseveration Period of Colonvo is the same as the one established by the current regulation.

Data will be kept as long as there exists a reciprocal interest. When it is no longer necessary, the data will be deleted using the proper security means, in order to assure the total destruction of the data.


The legal base of the treatment of user’s data is the user’s consent.

Carolina Albero will only allow the access to personal data to those who are administrator, collaborators or dependent people who need to access personal data in order to accomplish their activity in the frame of the hired services.

In order to guarantee the compliance of the GDPR dispositions, when Carolina Albero hires somebody for using the data, Carolina Albero will only delegate on those who offer enough warranties, specially the ones related to particular knowledge, trustability and resources, given the application of technical and organization measures that accomplish the GDPR requests, including the safety of the treatment.


Anyone has the right of obtaining the confirmation about whether Carolina Albero uses their personal data or not.

Interested people can access their personal data, as well as asking for a modification of data or the abolition of it if the data is no longer needed.

In given circumstances, the interested users will be able to ask for the limitation of the treatment of their data. In this case, we will only keep the data for the defense from complaints.

In given circumstances, and for reasons related to their particular situation the interested users can oppose the treatment of their data. Carolina Albero will stop treating this data, except for legitimate reasons, or for the defense from possible complaints.

The user will be able to practise these rights at any time, writing to the contacts given at the beginning of this privacy policy, both per mail or e-mail.

In order to process the request, we need to identify the user’s identity, so the communication must include a name and a surname, date, signature and an ID document copy.

The use of these rights won’t affect the access to the website. Depending on the right you’d like to precess, we will provide you, if you wish, the proper form so you can fulfill it as it is written in the EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27th April 2016.

For more information about your rights, you can read more in the website of the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

Complaints to the Control Authority

If you consider that there is a problem in the way Carolina Albero is treating your data, you can file a complaint to the corresponding data protection authority, Agencia Española de Protección de Datos, the one in Spain. The website is

Data Update

The user is the only source of information of their personal data, so that Carolina Albero ask you to update your data any time there is a variation, as it is established in the part related to the processing of users’ rights.

Security Measures and Policies

Carolina Albero has a very strict control of the treatment of personal data, by the establishment of the necessary technological data in order to guarantee your integrity and confidentiality, as well as the establishment of policies made to maximize your security, confidentiality and integrity of your personal data.

Some of these policies are:

  • Política de Identificación y Registro de Actividades de Tratamiento.
  • Política de Evaluación de Impacto de los Tratamientos de Datos.
  • Política de Obtención de Consentimiento para el Tratamiento de Datos.
  • Política de Ejercicio de Derechos en Materia de Protección de Datos.
  • Política de Actuación ante Brechas de Seguridad.
  • Política de Calidad de Datos.
  • Política de Tiempos de Conservación de Datos.
  • Política de Encriptación de Datos.
  • Política de Gestión y Control de Usuarios.
  • Política de Uso Aceptable de Recursos Tecnológicos.
  • Política de Pantallas Limpias.
  • Política de Gestión de Soportes de Datos.
  • Política de Copias de Seguridad, Restauración y Contingencias.
  • Política de Actuación ante posibles necesidades de Transferencia Internacional de Datos.